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Or SWM, for short.

We own and maintain several projects across the internet, and offline. We also have teams of folks dedicated to making things together. SWM is the umbrella under which all those projects live.

Under our umbrella...

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Our flagship publication.

All things Nintendo, Switch, and more!

Kakariko Herald was founded by Slade and Tyson to cover the latest in Nintendo and adjacent properties. Since its inception, Kakariko Herald has built PR contacts at multiple publishers and was recently refreshed with a new look taken from the SWM style guide.

Meet Our Team

Two people claim they run this show. Ultimately, however, everything is chaos. But it’s fine. We think.

See one of us you want to learn about? That’s unfortunate. But if you insist, click one of our photos to visit our personal websites!

Slade Watkins

Pronouns: he/they

The founder of Slade Watkins Media. It’s his namesake after all… we’re not really sure what he does here beside brag about having his name on everything.


Tyson (Tigstahh)

Pronouns: he/him

This penguin hails from Australia, somehow. Literally the only words he knows how to say are “club” and “penguin.” Whatever that means...

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